Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This isn't what I had anticipated.

I don't feel like scanning things right now, so have some more old art. This stuff's older.
Like from... May? June?
Who knows.
 So here's some stuff from my poorly graded AP 2D design mythology concentration!
 cuddly widdle wurrwulf
 Umm, Chalchiuhtlicue. Aztec fertility goddess. Pretty cool chick. Her name took forever to look up, omg.

I will post actual new stuff sometime this week, promise ;0
... Most likely P&S, like I said...


  1. That wuurwolf one is soooo cute ha ha, and I love the details on the tree a ton!

  2. Scylla is probably my favorite out of these... Very swirly - good use of colours as well ^^

  3. The middle one! :U SO COLORFUL I love it. ;O;

  4. You must be the dude who claims to be my sister...nice old art I've already seen a bunch of times!