Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ugkslaldf I suck at posting things.

Does anybody look at these, anyway?

Anyywayyyy, I've got some life sketchin's today.
I went down to the Everglades with my mum today to bike and stuff, and I drew some critters while I was there!
Also got old life drawings I haven't uploaded anywhere, so here's those, too.

Doggy from the car repair place a while ago (and a scary Michelin man), and then some babby gators from today. They're so cute ;3;

More from today! Some gators, anhinga, great blue heron, and one little yellow belly slider who was crossing the road.

Now old stuff. Last year stuff first.
Mostly random kids from classes and stuff, but also my Japanese teacher, Oyama, and a... coffee cup.

Church peopleeee, from a Summer financial... seminar... thing.

Also junk from last Summer! Done while waiting for my art camp thing to begin.
Cars are hard.

Okay, that's ittt.

I have a bunch of SOT stuff! I might upload some this week.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Oh no.

Dang, Halloween kinda killed my posting, didn't it?
I promise I'll keep up with it a bit better.

Here's some OC stuff~

I have trouble depicting heights consistently. Also, Atlus is levitating a little bit.

what gays
Laura said they have big heads. Twice. They probably do.

I think Option is not my fuuurrrrsona anymore. She's just a character. I think I'ma make a birdsona. I really like birds.

Characters I don't know what to do with, but like to much to scrap! No names :C

I think I gonna post Scary Office Tiger stuff sometime during the next week.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I feel weird posting sketchy sketches. But I guess that is what I made this blog for.

I promised some Panty and Stocking, and now I will finally give you some. Very late in the day.
sketchy sketchy sketchy

I think these were the first drawn? I need more practice drawing girls!

 Also, I can't seem to keep age consistent :I
They supposed to look like high schoolers, right? I FAIL AT THIS but oh well I will keep trying~

And then I was peer-pressured into drawing slash.
And now I want to draw a bunch more.
And for some reason Stocking looks like a Disney princess.

Appropriate reaction image.

 I love Brief and I want to draw him forever. And cosplay. I am def doing this.
Actually I want to draw them all a whole bunch more.

Wow, my first actual sketch post in my sketch blog. I am so proud. Of myself.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This isn't what I had anticipated.

I don't feel like scanning things right now, so have some more old art. This stuff's older.
Like from... May? June?
Who knows.
 So here's some stuff from my poorly graded AP 2D design mythology concentration!
 cuddly widdle wurrwulf
 Umm, Chalchiuhtlicue. Aztec fertility goddess. Pretty cool chick. Her name took forever to look up, omg.

I will post actual new stuff sometime this week, promise ;0
... Most likely P&S, like I said...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Wow, I have a blog now.

I guess so!
I think I'll mainly use this place to just upload sketches and junk, maybe cosplay progress. Whatever I feel like belongs here, whenever I remember to use it :>

On that note, have some geeky drawin's.

These were drawn back in like... August? At some con. It was so weird drawing South Park fan stuff, since I haven't in probably over a year. I wish the fandom wasn't so laden with insufferable ~kawaii yaoi omg desuneee~ people. 'Cause the characters really are still fun to draw.

Alright! Hopefully I will keep up updating this place. 
Maybe some Panty and Stocking next time, I think :3